On today's show the focus shifts from spray foam to blown fiberglass insulation. And no one knows it better than Chris Fuerst, IDI's Fiberglass Equipment and Sales Rep. Chris has a decade of experience in the industry but just recently joined IDI in 2020. 

Don and Travis discuss every facet of blown insulation operations with Chris, and his knowledge and experience are clear. He explains about making the decision of what type of machine you need for your specific purpose and just how many different aspects of the job you have to take into consideration. He also goes into detail on proper application, machine setup, getting the longest life out of your equipment, troubleshooting, maintenance, training and how to get achieve the best coverage and highest profit. 

And don't miss Don's Hannibal Lecter impression!

  • 6:45 - All blowing machines are not equal
  • 9:40 - Have a plan
  • 13:11 - Common problems
  • 18:36 - Factors that affect performance
  • 21:37 - Don't be shocked
  • 23:57 - Seal the deal
  • 29:19 - Sucking up
  • 33:55 - When to go electric


Carlisle Construction Materials is a diversified manufacturer and supplier of premium building products and related technologies for the commercial and residential construction markets, and they are IDI's longest spray foam partner. Today, Travis and Don welcome not just one, but FOUR guests from Carlisle to talk about a wide range of topics. 

The group discusses the aftermath of Covid on the overall industry and what bright spots have remained. They also delve into building code, enforcement, new product lines, training, marketing, the future of HFO's, and how playing by the rules pays off. They also look into the crystal ball for 2021 and what they see for the road ahead. 


  • 6:42 - Effects of Covid on the industry
  • 11:16 - Focusing in on code
  • 13:53 - The politics of spray foam
  • 20:10 - The beginnings
  • 24:45 - Training and resources available
  • 30:33 - Should you buy direct?
  • 38:54 - Changes, challenges and opportunity of 2021
  • 53:05 - Look into the crystal ball

Travis and Don are used to talking about insulating areas above ground, but on today's episode they talk with an expert about the fast growing segment of crawlspace encapsulation. Dane Malmberg, National Sales Rep for Viper CS Crawlspace Vapor Barrier joins the show. He's been in the business for over a decade and is here to explain the important differences and advantages of a high quality product like Viper CS as compared to the standard 6 mil poly used in most projects currently. 

The industry has been around a long time, but Dane discusses the reason why Viper CS makes it possible for huge growth opportunities if companies add this to their existing services. Standard 6 mil poly is made from recycled materials and is prone to tears, punctures and degradation. Viper CS is made from one hundred percent virgin resin and is a reinforced, high performance barrier. These differences ensure better air quality, prevention of structural issues, longevity and even creating more usable space for clients in their homes or buildings. 


  • 7:25 - An untapped market
  • 9:19 - You get what you pay for
  • 10:20 - What sets Viper CS apart
  • 18:47 - Where is the opportunity?
  • 27:45 - It's about the details
  • 30:00 - Is thicker really better?

For a while now, the R-Value team has wanted to bring in guests that were not just vendors or product specialists. Focusing more on individuals who have great experience and life stories to share that can inspire listeners in their professional and personal lives. 

Today's amazing guest is Geoff Costa, Atlantic District Manager at IDI, West Point grad, and veteran of the Iraq War. Travis and Don talk with him about his time at West Point, in active duty and how it lead him on the path to where he is now. They also get down to business, discussing lack of quality labor, recruitment, how to retain good people, the importance of training, and career over. job. They finish with Geoff expressing what he believes are the most important qualities of a good leader. 


  • 11:20 - Deciding on West Point
  • 18:30 - Forced to Fail
  • 22:18 - How to proceed
  • 25:45 - Stuff got real
  • 30:44 - The mind quits before the body
  • 36:44 - The lack of labor problem
  • 39:11 - 4 key tasks to success
  • 56:26 - Leadership = Selfless Service


Go into your local or national bank and ask them about financing a new spray foam rig and be prepared to get a blank stare. That's why each week the R-Value podcast brings in experts in the industry to give you the most specialized information around. 

This week is no different. Travis, Don and Aaron welcome Josh Penman, National Business Development Manager for American Financial Partners (AFP). Josh works with new and existing businesses to meet their financial needs, and the most importantly, he knows the industry. AFP offers up to 100% financing on terms up to seven years. 

Josh shares his experience and guidance on what type of equipment can be financed, the best time to finance, how to get the best rates, how quickly you can get approved, and what financing looks like right now as we look forward to the recovery post-Covid-19. Trade in blank stares for someone who cares. 

3:14 - Why you should choose AFP

9:17 - Dealing with COVID-19

11:56 - How to prepare for the recovery? Should I finance?

14:00 - Appreciating the value of family time

17:22 - How to set yourself up for the best financing

18:55 - Don's not-so-dumb question

20:40 - How quickly can I be approved for financing

22:06 - Remember lead time for the rig

The people that are leading the way in spray foam innovation are leading the way in the market place right now.

On this episode, Travis and Don welcome Ben Brown, President and CEO of Natural Polymers. Ben has been working behind the scenes for 22 years to make the chemicals in your spray foam more efficient, better for the environment and better for your customers. Ben takes you in the laboratory and the research and development room to show you the past, present and future of spray foam technology.

Natural Polymers LLC is dedicated to the development of high-quality Urethane Systems with low VOC signatures and an environmentally friendly, raw material base. Their petroleum and natural-based products are third-party tested, meeting and often times exceeding industry standards.

3:26 - Working with the chemicals behind your favorite spray foam

6:57 - Dinosaurs of the early days of spray foam

11:49 - How Ben has made spray foam more efficient and safer through technologies like Natural-Therm Zero Plus 

17:53 - When an R-Value isn't exactly as advertised

21:54 - Why Ben is leading his chemists out of the lab and into the field

25:46 - What's the future market for new spray foam technology?

29:27 - How Natural Polymers is scaling up and still focusing on quality products.

33:17 - What's the draw to Natural Polymers LLC?

As always, you are in for another episode packed with valuable information. Today, Travis and Don welcome Robert Naini, of Spray Foam Advisor. His company provides information for SPF business owners, salespeople, applicators, and distributors, with the goal to improve efficiency and generate more profit through their training and learning techniques.

Listen to this wide-ranging conversation about the shortage of skilled labor. The shortage can effect cost, efficiency and in the long-term, be a huge drag on the entire industry. The challenge is how to avoid this shortage and Robert discusses how recruiting, education, a focus on retention and investing in people can do just that. A key is to break out of the old mindset that the only "good jobs" are ones that require a college degree, and show younger people the value of having a job in industry. 

11:10 - Where has the skilled labor gone?

16:35 - Where should you recruit?

20:35 - How to retain the best people

23:05 - Breaking tradition

27:05 - The true cost of labor shortage

29:41 - reinvesting in people

31:20 - Rethinking how we train

36:18 - Recognize how your employees work and what they want



There's no worse tragedy that can happen to your home or business than a fire. And there is one company out there that is dedicated to putting that fear to rest. 

Travis Pankake and Don Clymer invited their good friends Gary Wolf, Brad Glazier, and Nick McCartney from IFTI/Paint to Protect, manufacturer of the industry leading DC315 intumescent coating, 15-minute thermal barrier and Ignition barrier fire protection of spray foam insulation.

This group of experts gives in depth information about all of their products, the right questions to ask when looking at fireproofing, new continuous insulation systems, what other providers may be trying to hide and above all, that with Paint to Protect, the proof is in the testing. No one in the business is as stringent with their testing and applicator training. You know that when you choose IFTI, you won't have to worry about meeting code, passing inspection or suffering loss from fire. 

5:16 - Fascinated with fire

12:09 - The proof is in the testing

13:51 - All testing is not created equal

19:07 - Continuous insulation systems 

22:12 - The right questions to ask about your coating

24:02 - Buyer beware

29:37 - Certified applicator training

33:22 - Preferred application methods

48:17 - Alternative to attic sprinkler system 

Have you properly protected your equipment and your business with the right insurance coverage? Not having the right coverage on your spray foam rig could set your business back or even end it. 

Join Travis, Don and Aaron as they discuss the myriad of options and benefits of insuring your spray foam rig and your business with Craig and Kirk Campbell of SPF Insurance Group.

SPF has been helping people get insurance in one form or another for over 103 years. Craig and Kirk's in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry, allows them to provide the exact coverage their clients need. There are so many types of policies that many people don't even know about, or why they should have them. Coverage for trailers vs. commercial auto, trailer contents, chemicals, over-spray, harmful odor, injury, the list goes on. 

You don't have to be in the dark about insurance and you can protect your business from the worst case scenario.

8:02 - The transition to SPF insurance

9:51 - Proving the safety of your product

12:34 - The questions you need to ask your insurance provider today

13:51 - Inland Marine Coverage - why you need it

26:01 - General liability and over-spray

28:53 - What's that smell?

44:04 - Experience = best coverage for the price

51:45 - When lightning strikes

When a small business starts to grow, they soon realize how much comes along with that growth. The intricacies of hiring, benefits, workers comp, payroll and so much more can be overwhelming.

Join Travis Pankake and Don Clymer as they welcome Richard Hines, CEO of Buzz HR to help businesses of all sizes deal with these issues. Richard has a very broad and interesting background from running his own businesses to selling commodities and insurance. And this experience launched him into what drove him most - helping fix the challenges that so many face in running their day-to-day businesses.

Listen to this incredibly informative episode and see how Buzz HR analyzes a customer's business with a buyer's journey, in order to support only the services that are needed, and nothing that's not. See how this approach will help you stress less and find and retain the best employees for your company.  

4:06 - Richard Hines' varied background

7:28 - Disaster relief brought new perspective

10:37 - How Buzz HR was born

18:34 - A whole new approach to HR 

26:04 - Best in class partners to serve your needs

30:21 - That thing you forgot? Buzz HR remembered

34:14 - You don't know what you don't know

38:33 - The right company culture brings success

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