There's an adage in writing for the stage and screen: show, don't tell. That's an adage that has led to big business for our guest today, DeWitt Driscoll of Positive Energy Consultants. He's taking on the hardest jobs and using cutting-edge technology to make sure customers understand what they need and how he can help.

In this episode...

1:10 - Building performance is a family affair in the Driscoll household

4:40 - Multiple ways to use sensors to give customers power, earn their trust and ensure the long term success of your install

11:05 - Getting active with a "passive house"

14:07 - Taking on the hard jobs

We have news from the capital city, Washington D.C. that can help you keep more of your capital. Host, Ken Allison, speaks with Kara Saul Rinaldi, the President and CEO of the AnnDyl Policy Group, LLC, a clean energy policy group that works on the federal and state level. Her organization is a driving force behind the Hope for Homes legislation, a bill that would fund training for work on clean energy improvements including insulation, air sealing, and other building performance enhancements.

In this episode...

3:41 - Hope For Homes Act explained in-depth

6:17 - How will the Hopes For Homes Act become a reality?

10:15 - How rebates could play a factor in retrofit jobs at every income level

12:02 - Other legislation that could impact your business soon

14:12 - How contractors can be part of the solution

This one goes out to all the women out there breaking down glass ceilings and insulating buildings. We're discussing women in the insulation industry with four of the brightest minds at IDI distributors and the entire industry; Rachel Perry, Commercial Sales Specialist, Daja Oliver, a Branch Manager in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jessica the Attic Queen out of Tampa, Florida and Chelsea Whitley, SPFE Product and Solutions Manager in Atlanta, Georgia. Each of these industry experts share their unique experiences entering a traditionally male-dominated industry and how they feel like women have changed it for the better. 

2:49 - "I feel like a mama bear to some of these guys."

4:10 - How the Attic Queen claimed her throne

10:58 - "They knew I was organizing, knew I was going to be truthful and honest. And I care. That was the biggest thing when they knew I cared."

13:38 - Managing the organized chaos for your customers

17:38 - Is this a viable career path for college-educated women?

20:00 - Fighting imposter syndrome

22:48 - The social media advantage

27:44 - "If a woman truly understands the building science behind things, and...loves challenges and loves working can do this job."

Bryon Adamczyk, President of AI Building Products, knows what it takes to hire, train and manage multiple teams of contractors. In this episode, he shares his no-nonsense insights into obtaining, retaining and training talent that will save your business money and reputation. 

AI Building Products was founded in 2018 in Fort Myers, Florida and has been providing service excellence in Fort Myers and South West Florida ever since.

In this episode...

  • 2:00 - Hiring multiple crews and avoiding the "Gypsy Effect"
  • 3:45 - Retaining top contracting talent
  • 5:26 - Providing crews work without the burnout
  • 7:00 - Bridging cross-cultural barriers in your crews
  • 9:35 - Use it or lose it: preventing product waist

To keep the outside, outside and the inside dry and quiet takes a lot of science. No one knows that better than The ROCKWOOL Group who have been protecting residential and commercial properties from moisture and sound pollution since 1909. Host Ken Allison welcomes Brendan Van Gool and Jason Howell from the ROCKWOOL Group to discuss the world of exterior insulation and the unique challenges that different environments bring to a building project.

The ROCKWOOL Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation. They offer a full range of high-performing and sustainable insulation products for the construction industry.

On this episode...

  • 1:03 - What's special and innovative about Rockwool?
  • 5:02 - Getting product to contractors faster
  • 8:04 - The fastest growing market for Rockwool
  • 15:25 - Top picks for fastenings systems
  • 21:25 - Is Rockwool really better for sound?

No matter what line of work you're in you'd like to be given a gold star, by your industry and certainly by your customer. Who is setting the standards for what qualifies as world-class building and contracting? Host Ken Allison welcomes Larry Zarker and John Jones of BPI, the Building Performance Institute to discuss how BPI formulated the training and qualifications that make up its GoldStar Contractor status and how that status can lead to better building and more customers. 

BPI Certified Professionals solve home and building owners’ trickiest problems. BPI offers certificationsstandards, and programs (BPI GoldStar ContractorRater, and Product Listing). For business owners, BPI enhances your offerings to meet the real needs of homeowners. BPI is the source for certified contractors working on home energy efficiency, comfort, durability, health, and safety.

On today's episode...

  • 1:02 - The history of BPI
  • 5:14 - The benefits of learning from BPI
  • 8:05 - So...what IS a building analyst?
  • 13:41 - How long do certifications take?
  • 15:59 - The greatest opportunity in home performance
  • 21:03 - The future of building performance
  • 26:06 - Workforce development: finding the great builders of tomorrow

On today's show the focus shifts from spray foam to blown fiberglass insulation. And no one knows it better than Chris Fuerst, IDI's Fiberglass Equipment and Sales Rep. Chris has a decade of experience in the industry but just recently joined IDI in 2020. 

Don and Travis discuss every facet of blown insulation operations with Chris, and his knowledge and experience are clear. He explains about making the decision of what type of machine you need for your specific purpose and just how many different aspects of the job you have to take into consideration. He also goes into detail on proper application, machine setup, getting the longest life out of your equipment, troubleshooting, maintenance, training and how to get achieve the best coverage and highest profit. 

And don't miss Don's Hannibal Lecter impression!

  • 6:45 - All blowing machines are not equal
  • 9:40 - Have a plan
  • 13:11 - Common problems
  • 18:36 - Factors that affect performance
  • 21:37 - Don't be shocked
  • 23:57 - Seal the deal
  • 29:19 - Sucking up
  • 33:55 - When to go electric


Carlisle Construction Materials is a diversified manufacturer and supplier of premium building products and related technologies for the commercial and residential construction markets, and they are IDI's longest spray foam partner. Today, Travis and Don welcome not just one, but FOUR guests from Carlisle to talk about a wide range of topics. 

The group discusses the aftermath of Covid on the overall industry and what bright spots have remained. They also delve into building code, enforcement, new product lines, training, marketing, the future of HFO's, and how playing by the rules pays off. They also look into the crystal ball for 2021 and what they see for the road ahead. 


  • 6:42 - Effects of Covid on the industry
  • 11:16 - Focusing in on code
  • 13:53 - The politics of spray foam
  • 20:10 - The beginnings
  • 24:45 - Training and resources available
  • 30:33 - Should you buy direct?
  • 38:54 - Changes, challenges and opportunity of 2021
  • 53:05 - Look into the crystal ball

Travis and Don are used to talking about insulating areas above ground, but on today's episode they talk with an expert about the fast growing segment of crawlspace encapsulation. Dane Malmberg, National Sales Rep for Viper CS Crawlspace Vapor Barrier joins the show. He's been in the business for over a decade and is here to explain the important differences and advantages of a high quality product like Viper CS as compared to the standard 6 mil poly used in most projects currently. 

The industry has been around a long time, but Dane discusses the reason why Viper CS makes it possible for huge growth opportunities if companies add this to their existing services. Standard 6 mil poly is made from recycled materials and is prone to tears, punctures and degradation. Viper CS is made from one hundred percent virgin resin and is a reinforced, high performance barrier. These differences ensure better air quality, prevention of structural issues, longevity and even creating more usable space for clients in their homes or buildings. 


  • 7:25 - An untapped market
  • 9:19 - You get what you pay for
  • 10:20 - What sets Viper CS apart
  • 18:47 - Where is the opportunity?
  • 27:45 - It's about the details
  • 30:00 - Is thicker really better?

For a while now, the R-Value team has wanted to bring in guests that were not just vendors or product specialists. Focusing more on individuals who have great experience and life stories to share that can inspire listeners in their professional and personal lives. 

Today's amazing guest is Geoff Costa, Atlantic District Manager at IDI, West Point grad, and veteran of the Iraq War. Travis and Don talk with him about his time at West Point, in active duty and how it lead him on the path to where he is now. They also get down to business, discussing lack of quality labor, recruitment, how to retain good people, the importance of training, and career over. job. They finish with Geoff expressing what he believes are the most important qualities of a good leader. 


  • 11:20 - Deciding on West Point
  • 18:30 - Forced to Fail
  • 22:18 - How to proceed
  • 25:45 - Stuff got real
  • 30:44 - The mind quits before the body
  • 36:44 - The lack of labor problem
  • 39:11 - 4 key tasks to success
  • 56:26 - Leadership = Selfless Service


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