September 15, 2022

Owens Corning adds Spray Foam

At IDI, we like to push the envelope, do the unthinkable, achieve the impossible. With this podcast, we're doing just that by welcoming Mike Swift, VP and General Manager, and Kurt Walters the National Account Sales Manager for Owens Corning. You read that right, Owens Corning, one of the world’s largest insulation manufacturers, is on the podcast and they are talking all about their recent acquisition of Natural Polymers and what that means for contractors across the United States.

Mike and Kurt take us through the history of Owens Corning’s relationship with spray foam, why they are embracing it now and how Natural Polymers became their manufacturer of choice.

Owens Corning is building a sustainable future through material innovation and now one of those materials is spray foam. 

In this podcast...

3:24 - Why Owens Corning is getting into spray foam now

5:41 - Installing spray foam the right way is the key to safety and customer satisfaction

8:36 - How spray foam is helping Owens Corning deliver the best R-Value solution to customers

13:30 - “If it wasn't Natural Polymers, we probably wouldn't be in the spray foam business right now.”

17:54 - The million dollar question…will we see pink spray foam soon?

20:38 - How this shift will not only mean new products but also new building practices and philosophies

This episode’s guest has a PHD in physics and he knows how to use it. Dr. Allison Bailes is the founder of Energy Vanguard, a company that focuses on teaching, HVAC design services, and consulting. Dr. Bailes works on the forefront of change in the way people see and use energy in homes. 

Understanding the science behind the decisions you make and equipment you use is vital in today’s hypercompetitive environment. Dr. Bailes breaks down a lot of the calculations that contractors should be making to save money, ensure customers are happy and houses stay energy efficient. 

In this podcast...

2:15 - What’s the right calculation to use when right-sizing equipment?

7:14 - How the load calculation…is actually calculated.

11:35 - Are we going to keep lowering loads?

14:04 - How air tightness regulations have improved over the years

21:36 - Dr. Allison reveals his perfect insulation contractor that he would hire on any job

24:37 - Different climates call for different solutions

When it comes to keeping moisture from destroying a home, it's all in the details. That's what Jamie Kaye is focused on. He's a Building Science Practitioner and Healthy Home Professional at Elm Energy Group and he joins us today to discuss how to prevent moisture intrusion and increase energy efficiency at every step of the build process. 

In this podcast...

1:38 - How Jamie became interested in the building science behind mold

3:41 - "The New Big Holes"

10:50 - "You can always improve even a great job."

13:20 - The 3/4" hole that ruined an entire set of stairs

15:40 - Yeti vs. Igloo: the small difference that makes a huge impact

17:30 - Can you ever build a house "too tight"?

22:20 - The top violations and places missed in a build

Various economic pressures are leading businesses to make creative decisions on supply of product and supply of people. How do you balance business realities with customer satisfaction? Today’s guest, Joe Arrigo, has the latest data and strategies to help you navigate these difficult questions.

Joe Arrigo is the President/Owner of Resource Development Partners, a company that provides training, certification, and education for building material manufacturers. Joe specializes in building science education for residential and light commercial builders and trade contractors.

In this podcast...

2:13 - The increased demand for insulation

6:12 - How do you adjust your company in a way that deals with the supply challenge, keeps your people and continues to make money?

12:09 - There’s no scheduling silver bullet BUT there are some best practices

16:16 - Getting creative with scheduling

22:27 - Business in the front, recruitment in the back

26:00 - Looking for talent in every corner of your community

People think starting a business can be hard, but building a business on the other hand can be even more challenging, ESPECIALLY if you don't anticipate simple obstacles that can sink your best-laid plans.That's why business development education is extremely important and why we're talking to one of the best voices in building business education, Joe Arrigo. 

Joe Arrigo is the President/Owner of Resource Development Partners, a company that provides training, certification, and education for building material manufacturers. Joe specializes in building science education for residential and light commercial builders and trade contractors. On today's episode, Joe reveals 5 elements that have the potential to sneak up on your business and turn it upside down.

In this podcast...

3:30 - The crunch of cash flow

10:00 - "In God We Trust, but in all others we bring data."

13:17 - The dark side of inventory management

17:33 - Accurately pricing bids based on market conditions

23:00 - The true cost of onboarding a new employee

26:55 - Why you can't miss on job costing

We’re well into 2022 and a lot has already changed in the building industry, codes, regulations, legislation, and COVID guidance just to name a few. We’ve called in one of the leading experts in insulation, Dr. Joe Lstiburek, to help you understand these changes and prepare your business for the next 3 quarters and beyond. 

Joe Lstiburek is the founding principal of Building Science Corporation. His work ranges widely, from providing expert witness testimony to overseeing research and development projects, to writing for the ASHRAE Journal and


Dr. Lstiburek’s commitment to advancing the building industry has had a lasting impact on building codes and practices throughout the world, particularly in the areas of air barriers, vapor barriers, and vented and unvented roof assemblies.

In this podcast...

2:33 - The changes to the 2021 codes and if they will stick

5:00 - Is net zero next?

9:31 - What would the perfect insulation contractor ALWAYS Do?

12:27 - Are we building too tight?

15:59 - If you stop putting in bad stuff, you won’t have bad things happen to your house

18:03 - The new bad habit: over-ventilation

21:56 - Where are the biggest opportunities for retrofits?

26:19 - How important is sealing the rim joists?

31:34 - How will Build Back Better affect the industry?

34:51 - Current suggestions for COVID mitigation could kill houses

It’s not just your phone, technology is improving rapidly in every facet of our lives including the tools we use to get the job done. Today we pay special attention to one of the most vital and complex pieces of your operation, the spray foam rig. 

Our guest this week is Nick Pagano, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Graco’s Contractor Equipment Division. Nick has been in the spray foam industry for over 20 years With focus on spray foam and polyurea equipment. He’s now in product line management, new product development, and new business development. Nick has served on boards of both the SPFA and the Spray Foam Coalition.

He’s here to discuss the latest and greatest from Graco, the Reactor 3 Spray Foam System. Reactor 3 pairs revolutionary hardware improvements with software that reduces maintenance costs and helps you to ensure the quality of your projects. 

Interested in the new Reactor 3? Reach out to your local IDI branch today!

In this podcast...

1:54 - When do you know it’s time to upgrade your equipment?

3:13 - How Graco gets feedback from contractors that shapes new solutions

7:28 - How Reactor 3 makes it easier to find the person to run your rig every day

10:52 - How many engineers does it take to make a revolutionary new product

12:20 - How Reactor 3 completely re-thinks every aspect of the spray foam system

14:30 - Instead of constantly fixing hose cables…what if we got rid of the cables all together?

17:07 - Putting Graco’s products to the test

20:00 - What are the differences between the Standard, Pro and Elite models of Reactor 3?

24:15 - Revolutionizing a constant source of problems: the drum pumps

28:00 - A hose made for the all-day contractor

31:25 - A pump system that actually reduced maintenance costs

34:12 - How Graco’s new software can monitor your system AND the product coming out of the gun

It's the Super Bowl of spray foam conventions, SprayFoam 2022, and it's live and in-person this February. Today we're talking to the man who is helping to put it all together, Rick Duncan. He is the Executive Director of the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA), the industry’s leading organization representing contractors, material and equipment manufacturers, distributors, and industry consultants.

Rick is here to tell us about the exciting updates from SPFA and the SprayFoam 2022 convention in San Antonio, Texas on February 28th. The convention will include many exciting opportunities for training, new technologies, and even a huge giveaway. Also, don’t forget to check out IDI Distributors at booth 417 during this year’s SprayFoam 2022 convention! Our booth will feature hourly demonstrations of our new bidding software, BIDIT, as well as have brand new products on display and much more!

In this podcast...

1:41 - The exciting new innovations on the SPFA website

4:00 - The wealth of knowledge in the SPFA Document Library

7:00 - The SPFA SprayFoam 2022 Conference and Expo is ON in San Antonio and full of amazing opportunities for contractors

10:34 - The SPFA SprayFoam 2022 Conference and Expo breakout sessions, industry excellence awards, and show attendance

11:34 - Is there a rig being given away at this year's convention??!


There's an adage in writing for the stage and screen: show, don't tell. That's an adage that has led to big business for our guest today, DeWitt Driscoll of Positive Energy Consultants. He's taking on the hardest jobs and using cutting-edge technology to make sure customers understand what they need and how he can help.

In this episode...

1:10 - Building performance is a family affair in the Driscoll household

4:40 - Multiple ways to use sensors to give customers power, earn their trust and ensure the long term success of your install

11:05 - Getting active with a "passive house"

14:07 - Taking on the hard jobs

We have news from the capital city, Washington D.C. that can help you keep more of your capital. Host, Ken Allison, speaks with Kara Saul Rinaldi, the President and CEO of the AnnDyl Policy Group, LLC, a clean energy policy group that works on the federal and state level. Her organization is a driving force behind the Hope for Homes legislation, a bill that would fund training for work on clean energy improvements including insulation, air sealing, and other building performance enhancements.

In this episode...

3:41 - Hope For Homes Act explained in-depth

6:17 - How will the Hopes For Homes Act become a reality?

10:15 - How rebates could play a factor in retrofit jobs at every income level

12:02 - Other legislation that could impact your business soon

14:12 - How contractors can be part of the solution

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