May 27, 2021

Celebrating Women in Insulation with Rachel Perry, Jessica the Attic Queen, Daja Oliver and Chelsea Whitley

This one goes out to all the women out there breaking down glass ceilings and insulating buildings. We're discussing women in the insulation industry with four of the brightest minds at IDI distributors and the entire industry; Rachel Perry, Commercial Sales Specialist, Daja Oliver, a Branch Manager in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jessica the Attic Queen out of Tampa, Florida and Chelsea Whitley, SPFE Product and Solutions Manager in Atlanta, Georgia. Each of these industry experts share their unique experiences entering a traditionally male-dominated industry and how they feel like women have changed it for the better. 

2:49 - "I feel like a mama bear to some of these guys."

4:10 - How the Attic Queen claimed her throne

10:58 - "They knew I was organizing, knew I was going to be truthful and honest. And I care. That was the biggest thing when they knew I cared."

13:38 - Managing the organized chaos for your customers

17:38 - Is this a viable career path for college-educated women?

20:00 - Fighting imposter syndrome

22:48 - The social media advantage

27:44 - "If a woman truly understands the building science behind things, and...loves challenges and loves working can do this job."

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