June 4, 2020

12: Get To The Next Level with Spray Foam Advisor

As always, you are in for another episode packed with valuable information. Today, Travis and Don welcome Robert Naini, of Spray Foam Advisor. His company provides information for SPF business owners, salespeople, applicators, and distributors, with the goal to improve efficiency and generate more profit through their training and learning techniques.

Listen to this wide-ranging conversation about the shortage of skilled labor. The shortage can effect cost, efficiency and in the long-term, be a huge drag on the entire industry. The challenge is how to avoid this shortage and Robert discusses how recruiting, education, a focus on retention and investing in people can do just that. A key is to break out of the old mindset that the only "good jobs" are ones that require a college degree, and show younger people the value of having a job in industry. 

11:10 - Where has the skilled labor gone?

16:35 - Where should you recruit?

20:35 - How to retain the best people

23:05 - Breaking tradition

27:05 - The true cost of labor shortage

29:41 - reinvesting in people

31:20 - Rethinking how we train

36:18 - Recognize how your employees work and what they want



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